For, to speak out once for all, man only plays when in the full meaning of the world he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays. (LETTERS UPON THE AESTHETIC EDUCATION OF MAN Friedrich Schiller  Letter 15)

Friedrich von Schiller (1759 - 1805)
Free thinking and acting are the characteristics of autonomous self determination and personality developement in Schiller´s letters upon the aesthetic development of man.
It was also Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe who compared travelling to a game, noting that it included gain as well as loss, mostly from unexpected sources.
Self determined travel calls for creativity and enables us to break away from hardened structures, to change the elements of a situation, so something new comes out of the unknown and offers room for free thinking and thus the patterns for solutions.
More and more today when industrial specification and mechanics leave their serious traces in tourism.


Born to let the good times roll.
Das gewinnende Lächeln hat sie bis heute behalten. Damit hat sie ihren Daddy letztes Jahr im Handumdrehen überzeugt, dass File (unser Hund aus Karpathos) nur bei uns aufwachsen könne.
Majvie begrüßt die Gäste am Flughafen, begleitet sie ins Haus und steht für alle Fragen zur Verfügung.

Majvie Menth is today 21 years old, speaking german and fluently english


There are people who smile while they´re asleep. Whose aura enlightens an entire room. Who think of others when they think about themselves and think about themselves when they think of others.

Jane Kühn-Menth is chief flight attendant for a renown german airline.


They are called GMs, general managers. They are responsible for everything going on in their hotels but normally you will never meet them.
Kurt is an exception.
The 59year old German likes to be around, right in the middle of his guests. He is approachable, someone who is not only kippers and curtains, who doesn`t care about the dresscode of a 5 star accommodation if not necessary.
Although he is open for critical reviews to inspire new ideas, he also enjoys the plaudit, the praise from his guests, takes it as an affirmation to his doings.
Based on his 25 year long experience of guests relations in Greece, he developed a travel concept, resulting in NETtoSUN and HAPPYpur, startet in 2018.
Kurt Menth is the founder of CSNetwork and the V-CUBES project